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Lipinki Forest District was formed by fusion of 3 former Forest Districts: Żary, Trzebiel and Lipinki, following organizational changes introduced in the State Forests in 1972 and 1973.

The history of Lipinki Forest District can be divided into two periods – until 1945 and after 1945. During the first period its forests were private property of rich landowners, individual farmers and towns: Żary, Żagań and Łęknica. The forests were managed quite well but minor owners did not implement any forest management plans.

The second period – from 1945 – started from nationalization of forests resources. The nationalization was based on Decree on Agrarian Reform and Decree on Taking Over of Certain Forests by the State Treasury. That was when organization of the forests started.

The brown coal mine operation was important for forest management in Lipinki Forest District. The excavation resulted in appearance of flooded post-mining depressions, deep mining subsidence and post-mining wastelands, which have been difficult to revive due to high levels of acidity and constant erosion caused by rainwater.

The current area of Lipinki Forest District was established on 1st January, 1973 by fusion of 3 Forest Districts: Lipinki, Trzebiel and Żary.

Former headquarters of Lipinki Forest District Inspectorate. Copyright: Lipinki Forest District Inspectorate.